What does Skin Needling do?

Here at LaseMedics we perform an advanced treatment called ‘skin needling’ skin needling is a form of collagen induction therapy, we use micro needles to puncture the skin causing micro channels stimulating collagen and elastin fibres, the micro channels also carry 80% more nutrients into the skin which is vital for people concerned with;

Acne Scaring

Skin needling is very popular for treating acne scaring weather its pitted or just surface discolouration, the needles enter the skin re-wounding the area to help it heal itself properly, this also cause s the skin to thicken and fill the scarring to create more of a smoother complexion.

Sun damage/hyperpigmentation

Skin needling is great for correcting melanocytes (pigmentation cell) and helping them work properly, this helps reduction and prevention in pigmentation, it also fastens up your cell turn over to slowly lighten and break up the pigmentation every time you come in for treatment.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Due to the treatment stimulating collagen and elastin fibres it is perfect for people concerned with fine lines and wrinkles as we slowly deplete these as we get older causing the skin to crease and age, with a course of skin needling we can soften these and also create a ‘plumping’ effect to reduce signs of aging.

Hormonal pigmentation

Hormonal pigmentation or ‘melasma’ is generally a concern with people who have went through a hormonal change and are left with A ‘BUTTERFLY effect’ across the face, skin needling helps break up this pigmentation and slowly lighten it, keep in mind due to it being hormonally caused it can flare up again. Skin needling and ageless peels alternating are known to give best results.

Stretch marks

Skin needling promotes healing of stretchmarks by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibres that these stretch marks have lost, with the wound healing response the needling gives the skin will help the stretch marks lighten and sometimes even disappear altogether.

Each treatment ranges between $149-$349 depending on the area being treated and we generally recommend a minimum of 4-6 treatments for each concern depending on the severity coming in every 6-8 weeks.

After the treatment we do recommend proper aftercare that we do sell in clinic, this will help with a speedy recovery and help with your own comfort, after the treatment you will have an even redness and your skin will feel quite tight, redness can last from 3 days up to a week but as long as you follow pre and post care you will be very happy with the results. After the procedure it is important to discontinue use of glycolic acid, retinol or any other active ingredients.

Skin needling does have a few contraindications such as;
Keloid scarring (raised scars)
During pregnancy (breast-feeding is allowed)
Medical conditions (ie diabetes) we require a medical certificate
Medication (some medication reduces the healing time and can impact the treatment and results, please consult your therapist if you are on any medication
We do not go over any moles, raised lesions, warts or over an active herpes or acne breakouts
Please let therapist know if you have had Botox or dermal filler less than two weeks ago

Please come in for a free skin consultation and speak to our skin therapists at 51 Pitt Street Parramatta / Merrylands Today.