LED Merrylands / Parramatta

LaseMedics LED Light Therapy Merrylands / Parramatta

Led light therapy is a versatile treatment that can target many skin concerns/conditions such as;
- Acne
- Poor wound healing
- Muscular pain
- Scarring and pigmentation
- Promotes collagen and elastin
- Helps with redness and skin sensitivity problems
- Rosacea
- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Everyday cuts, scrapes burns & bruises
- Fine lines and wrinkles

RED Light

Led light therapy ‘fuels’ your cells and promotes collagen and elastin production, this is important for our skin as this slowly depletes as we age, therefore wrinkles becomes more noticeable and we lose that ‘plump fullness’ that we all like to maintain. The Red light will benefit anyone with the skin concerns listed above in different ways so don’t hesitate to come in and try or speak to one of our qualified staff for any questions you may have.

BLUE Light

When targeting acneic skins this is important to kill what we call ‘p acne’ bacteria, p acne is what is found within the pour, it strives off your oil production and this low oxygenated environment and gives you those nasty breakouts, this is where our BLUE LIGHT comes in handy, the blue light kills of P.acne bacteria, prevents a reoccurrence and shrinks pore size! We generally recommended up a 6 treatment course coming in every 3 days as standalone treatments or if you are doing a facial or peel with us feel free to add It on after, this promotes skin healing and will increase expected results, the best part is that there is no downtime and is completely PAINLESS !!
Please come in for a free skin consultation and speak to our skin therapists at 51 Pitt Street Parramatta / Merrylands Today.