3 simple tips when convincing parter to Laser

For some it's a sensitive topic for other's it's a topic thought to be reserved for women, laser hair removal for men. How do you approach the subject with your man, what to say and most importantly how do you convince him that it's the best thing since slice bread. Read on and you'll find your answer below.

So I recently found myself in the above situation and finally found a way to get my husband to agree to go for his first laser hair removal treatment. I did this in 3 easy steps which now work for my friends too .The funny thing is that after he saw the results he began to look forward to his next treatment, go figure.

So how did I do this? Well first you need to understand 3 things that drive men

1. Men appreciate having a clear objective defined, if men know where they're headed they'll take initiative.
2. Just like Women, men dislike pain, so pain free hair removal is a key mention here
3. His with you because his into you so if it's important to you it's likely that it's important to him too.

It is crucial that you remember the above 3 points before carefully delving into the following 3 secret steps. It is only then that you can get your man on the road to being hair free something I'm sure you'll both enjoy

Now let's talk about the 3 steps:

1. Your man needs to know how much hair you don't mind. Remember laser is a hair reduction method, it will keep your body hair at a "trimmed" level, so if you both don't mind a bit of hair on his arms, then he doesn't need to do too many treatments. Be sure to choose a therapist who is senior and who can discuss these options with you
2. Find a clinic that uses cold air and related methods of reducing pain. I'll be writing an article on these methods soon.
3. It's true men are a creature of physical attraction. Once he see's how much he likes your lasered parts his more likely to want you to enjoy the same.

Once again it is very important to remember that hair removal of any kind can be a sensitive topic for some people, so always approach the matter sensitively and with care.The truth of the matter is that some people may just prefer body hair, while others may not, and that's ok too. The important this is that you both discuss your preferences and desired outcome before booking in your laser hair removal treatment. GOODLUCK!

What men need to know before going in for laser hair removal:

1) Shave the area 2-3 days before treatment,

2) Not to use after shave 12 hours before or after treatment.

3) Exposure to the sun is not permitted 2 weeks before or after treatments.

4) Keep a schedule and routine when it comes to treatments to ensure you follow the recommended time frame by the therapist (usually 6 weeks).

5) Tattoo sections cannot be treated for hair removal, so if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, laser hair removal first, then tattoo, that way you'll have both.

6) spend wise, just because someone is offering a cheaper price, the machines used can be low quality, or old. Go with your instinct on the quality of the treatment.

7) Men private parts are usually handled by minority of clinics, so make sure to ask before booking.