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Where is LaseMedics?

LaseMedics Laser Clinic is located at 51 Pitt Street Parramatta 2150 (towards Merrylands),
(with FREE parking onsite). - Call 02 9633 1962

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We provide the most methods of getting in touch with us compared to any clinic and will always respond to you within 60 minutes..

Call us to book (9am - 9pm) : 9633 1962
SMS us to book (9am - 9pm) : 0416 621 014
Facebook Message us to book or learn more about how we can help you or to ask to be called back.
Email: [email protected]

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Our Services

LaseMedics specialise in laser, skin and body treatments such as: - Laser Hair Removal READ MORE HERE!
- Injectables (Botox and Filler) READ MORE HERE!
- Body sculpting / Fat Melting READ MORE HERE!
- Microdermabrasion READ MORE HERE!
- Skin Rejuvenation READ MORE HERE!
- Face Waxing READ MORE HERE!
- Skin Tightening READ MORE HERE!
- Chemical Peel READ MORE HERE!
- And many more treatments call us on 9633 1962 to talk to our qualified team.

Our Qualifications

- Laser Safety Certified Therapists
- Cosmetic Nurses (Botox and Filler)
- Personal Trainers review our programs
- Diploma in Beauty Therapy
- And many more...

What is Click & Come in

LaseMedics are the only clinic to offer 'Click & Come in' LaseMedics 'Click & Come in' will mean you no longer have to wait for treatments. Finally, you're able to come in the same day you feel like a treatment! We have all had to wait days for a booking before--only to come in and find the therapist running behind. .Click and Come in. is only offered by LaseMedics Laser Clinic and will mean you no longer have to wait for treatments. READ MORE HERE!

Why are we proud of our Therapists?

All our therapist are fully qualified, laser safety certified and also equiped with a diploma in beauty and upto date regular training on body sculpting, skin and more. So you know your in the right hands. But most of all our therapists are proud of their job and are well looked upto by LaseMedics clients. You'll feel the difference with our therapists within the first 15 minutes of talking to them. We guarantee it...

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What LaseMedics stand for?

With over 8 years experience in the industry we guarantee to use the best equipment in the industry with the best settings to get the best results for you. Your confidence will show at work or in your personal life.

Laser Hair Removal Results
Our clients have seen hair reduce by 90-95% within a few treatments because we make sure to put you on a setting that will get your results quicker, many of the laser clinics today will put you on a weaker setting so they can have you come back for more treatments.

Skin Concern Results
Our clients have seen exceptional improvements with our highly sophisticated and unique processes to identify exactly which parts of your skin are suffering from different concerns. We don't just tell you to apply the same treatment to a whole area without being 100% sure we can identify the issue clearly.

Body Fat Results
Our clients are melting fat using our medical grade and clinically tested equipment. We've selected machines that are known to provide the longest lasting results on the industry so that your able to see the benefits for yourself.

Our Reviews
LaseMedics is the highest reviewed clinic in the Parramatta / Merrylands area - the results amaze our clients:
Read our client's reviews here.

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If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback we'd love to hear from you, please reach LaseMedics directors on [email protected] or [email protected] To explore business opportunities add Mina Moussa on linkedin. View Mina Moussa's profile on LinkedIn